Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Marshfield YesterDays Celebration Charms Today's Visitors

On May 31, 2009 several local historical groups joined together to present a wonderful celebration of Marshfield's YesterDays. A grand celebration it was!

The Winslow House held its annual ice cream social. A few arms were very sore from scooping so much ice cream for the free sundaes. Executive Director Mark Schmidt led streams of tours through the house, and other docents were on hand to answer questions, sell 10 cent postcards and simpler, fun children's games that preceded the high-tech era. Of course, several books and booklets about the area's history also stock the gift area.

Volunteers also staffed the Blacksmith Shop for the Marshfield Historical Commission. A photo above shows Jim Fitzgerald demonstrating the making of nails. Even though kids walked away with souvenirs, no tires were reported punctured in the parking lot. Antique car and carriage buffs enjoyed Daniel Webster's Phaeton, the Concord Coach (c1855-1915), and Fayette Curtis' Peters Style Brougham. A farrier was on hand to shoe horses, and Daniel Webster's Law Office was opened to visitors. (Webster was unable to attend; he died 157 years ago.)

Down the road the Marcia Thomas House displayed beautiful period dresses and parasols in addition to its usual historic furnishings and collections. The house was moved from a downtown location and few years back and now boasts the Marshfield Historical Society's archives. Opened to the public the first Sunday afternoon of each month, the recently renovated house, home to Marshfield's first historian, is well worth a visit. In front of the 1835 home volunteers planted a kitchen garden; nearby they offered hot dogs and beverages at early 20th century prices.

I wish I could have attended the events or classes at the 1857 Winslow School House or the Daniel Webster Estate that day. I heard they had quite an array of activities at the Daniel Webster Estate, from quilting to chair caning to rug hooking to decorative painting and visiting farm animals. (Thanks to the Community Quilting Guild and Peggy Beals Quilting Group, Ann McAleer's chair caning, the Duxbury Rug Hookers, and Pat Smith, decorative painter.) David Crest of Family Crest Caterers provided free chowder to all guests.

There were even more activities I missed offered by the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife and the Mass Audubon Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary. I'm marking my calendar for this event in 2010. It was so uplifting!

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More photo notes: The third shot was a pretty much a quick snapshot through a group of onlookers. I look forward to going back to photograph these veggies when the crowds aren't there. I'm kind of glad people were in the way of the shot I wanted. It was wonderful that so many people stopped by to enjoy our local historic treasures during the YesterDays celebration.

In the fourth shot docent Helen Demers looks on as three girls examine the cobbler's bench. Although the shoes are displayed in pairs, the same shoe form was used for both left and right feet. Only with wear did a shoe become a left or right shoe.

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