Monday, June 22, 2009

Fenway and I Have Been in a Bit of a Fog Lately -

- and so has all of New England! The weather seems to have been the most talked about, and most common topic on local blogs and Facebook. I haven't really minded the fog. Its quiet beauty and calm has been void of oppressive heat. Yet the mood among all my friends will no doubt be lifted when the sun finally bursts through.

Visited Fenway Park and the Red Sox recently. Originally, I had hoped to enjoy a winning game and several good photos of favorite players in action. Approaching Fenway I hoped the rain would hurry and officials would deem it a rainout. So much for wishes. The rain held off just long enough to make it an official game, the Red Sox lost to the Marlins. Even though we sat out a two and a half hour rain delay the game never resumed.

Still, Fenway is fun and alive with dreams, even in the rain.

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