Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Why Facebook Users Use Twitter

I'm not a regular Twitter user. Finally found my own reason for using it tonight. After I returned home from a late meeting on the Cape (Cape Cod) I tried to log in my Facebook account. No such luck: disabled. Why? I don't know. Guess the cat or dog typed something inappropriate while I was out.

It seemed to hit me the same way a power outage does, with its abrupt change of lifestyle. Facebook friends sent email messages to me while my account was still active; I cannot reply. Serves me right for not recording each Facebook friend's email address. Yet, that may have been a violation of Facebook's terms of agreement. Don't know.

Power outages also have their advantages. A peaceful darkness envelops the evening. Soft candlelight glows, televisions darken, and audio devices go mute, all helping to create a reverence and respect for the earth's magnificent daily rotation.

A night without Facebook is bearable. It has to be. It will probably be a day or two or three. A life without my long lost friends and newer acquaintances: less bearable. It will be good to reconnect with you, your stories and lives when the time comes.

Until then I'll keep a light on for you over here.

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  1. Connie Connie, Where have you been? So glad I knew to look for you here. Hope you come back to Facebook soon. Seems your account has just disappeared. So maybe you can start a new account. Hope to see you there soon! miss you!

    Amy Driscoll

    My email is: