Monday, April 6, 2009

Getting a good shot is often better than trying for the perfect shot.

It's a privilege to work with several local groups. Locally, Sowing Seeds is one of those organizations that warms your heart by its very existence. For over 15 years this all volunteer organization has quietly served people in need in Marshfield, MA. Representatives from all parts of town and all houses of worship are invited to give a hand. Volunteers have answered over 3,500 calls for guidance and assistance, helping countless adults and children. They have re-directed lives, treating each with great dignity. They have saved lives. They offer us all hope.

Last week the intake committee met on a particularly windy, chilly, dark night. The items on the agenda were of greater import than what shutter speed I was to select. I prepped two locations, not knowing until the last moment how many people would attend. The volunteers left their meeting, came outside and huddled toward the right side of this picture. I asked them to move toward my left, knowing I was going to drag the shutter and include the Sowing Seeds building in the photo. They moved to the center. They were shivering. There were critical issues on their agenda. I quickly captured three images and we called it a night.

Not every photograph is going to be an award winner. The goal here isn't to win a ribbon. It's to honor their hard work in a newsletter and publicize the immense needs of too many local families. Photographers are at the service of the message. Artistic intent should not get in the way.

Of course, I can still crop it a bit before it goes to their newsletter editor ;-)

For more information about the services they offer, their current needs and their volunteer opportunities, see:

Sowing Seeds, Marshfield, Massachusetts

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